Welcome to the Lighthouse Group

Our mission is to build bridges between Europe and Central Asia, which we successfully do since 1999.

About the Lighthouse Group

In 1999, businessman and mentor, Jeroen Ketting founded his first company Lighthouse and started to provide market-entry services to foreign businesses in the CIS.

For more than 28 years, the recurring theme of Ketting’s business activities has been his bridge function between European and Central Asian businesses. Owners and top-managers of international companies, that do business in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, used Ketting as their trusted advisor and benefited from his extensive knowledge and network.

Today, Lighthouse has grown into the Lighthouse Group, representing three different businesses: Lighthouse Management, Lighthouse Technologies and Ketting Valuetainment.


Jeroen Ketting

Founder and Co-owner

  • Dutch business owner and entrepreneur.
  • Successful builder of bridges between EU and Central Asian businesses.
  • Strategist and trusted adviser to first line managers of international companies.
  • Expert on intercultural communication.
  • Faculty member and certified negotiator of the Schranner Negotiation Institute in Zurich.
  • Board member of international companies and NGOs.
  • Renowned publicist and speaker.
  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Sales
  • Russian Business & Culture

Svetlana Shishakova

Managing partner and shareholder

  • Russian entrepreneur with profound management and HR experience.
  • Background in large Russian and International companies and in a high-end executive search boutique
  • Change manager expert
  • Extensive experience in aligning business processes and resources with strategy
  • Expert communicator in challenging corporate environments
  • Licensed coach
  • Operational Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Organizational and HR Management
  • General and Supervisory Management




We at the Lighthouse Group are always open to meet talented and smart people with a growth-mindset who are willing to join our team. Even when there are no open vacancies, we invite you to send your CV and Cover letter for any future projects  to info@thelighthousegroup.com.




Kleine Houtweg 16B, 2012 CH Haarlem, The Netherlands


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